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13 Ways to Increase Your Profits Fast

Title: 13 Ways to Increase Your Profits Fast
Author: Lee Mcintyre

Profit Bump #1: Deepen Your Follow Up
Profit Bump #2: Make a Physical Product
Profit Bump #3. Order Page Upsell
Profit Bump #4: One Time Offers
Profit Bump #4: Thank You Page Links
Profit Bump #5: Free Gift Follow Up
Profit Jump #6: Recycle Your Content
Profit Jump #7 Send Postcards
Profit Jump #8 Integrate Your Marketing
Profit Jump #9: Establish Your Authority
Profit Jump #10: Communicate With a Blog
Profit Jump #11: Segment Your Lists
Profit Jump #12: Sell Your Own Product
Profit Jump #13: Test and Track Everything


The Internet Marketing Playbook

Title: The Internet Marketing Playbook

Author: Craig Raphael

1. Total control over your life, business, and your finances.
2. Choosing the correct or proper niche market
3. Working with information based products
4. Knowing how to match your niche with the proper product
5. Lead generation marketing and how to do it correctly
6. Knowing how, where, and why to advertise
7. Knowing how to make sure your profits never come to an end
And much more……